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Tonka @ 4 months

3-31-99 Tonka won Most Weight Pulled on Saturday, March 27, 1999 in Liberty, Texas! He pulled 4,198 lbs! Go Tonka! We are so PROUD!

At Chazhound Big Dog Gallery, Tonka was chosen as a
"Big Dog Runner Up" for September, 1998.

Hi, I'm Tonka. I'm a pup with an attitude! Now don't get me wrong, I'm not a Bad-Dog, just a bit stubborn and headstrong. I've got my Girl and my Little Boy Human wrapped right around my paw! My Other Girl Human has a bunch of other pets, like cats (yum -- I love to carry them around in my mouth!) and some fluttery thing in a cage, but they ALL love me, and I love them. They take me to the park a couple times a day, I have toys, there's always fresh water in my bowl, and the food here is great!

"My Ears I Still Have
and My Ears I Will Keep"

These are pictures of my dad, Baka Inu, and my mom, Tiptoe. My dad's a weight puller. My mom comes from Boston.

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Tonka @ 7 months

Messages from Cindy:

10-25-98 -- I know you can see by these pages how much I love my boy, Tonka. I had to make a choice recently, and it was a very hard one. Tonka, my two kids, me, 2 cats and a bird were all living together in a small 2 bedroom duplex with no backyard. I had to do what was right for Tonka. His endless energy and increasing strength became too much for us. He has gone to live in a new home with a friend of Uncle Mikey's that lives in Oklahoma. This man is a responsible pitbull owner, and was very excited to receive Tonka into his family. I feel that was the best and only thing to do for Tonka to reach his full potential.
He has assured me that he will update me on Tonka's progress, and I will be updating the page as I hear about him.
This in no way deterred my love of the breed, nor my wanting to continue showing the positive qualities of the breed, so this page will remain open and active.
Please continue to check back for updates, new links, new photos...I am still active with Kolossal K-9 Kennels, where Tonka came from.

3-10-99 - I've heard from Randy, Tonka weighs 85 lbs, is dragging about that much in getting ready for his next big show in Norman, Oklahoma. That show is April 10th & 11th. We're waiting for some pictures. I won't be able to go to the show, but I will get to see him at the Higginsville, Missouri show in May.

Thanks for your support,

Send email to: Tugaton Tonka
Harrisonville, MO
United States of America

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