Tonka's History
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The History of Tugaton Tonka
An American Pitbull Terrier

We were born on February 14, 1998. Jet boy was first at about 1:45 a.m. I was second. Our mom, Tiptoe, is a good one. Lotsa milk, and she kept us snug, clean and warm. Aunt Mary helped. She would hold us and looked us all over, fussed over us and worried if Runt was getting enough to eat. A couple weeks later all of us getting bigger, Mom didn't spend as much time with us as before...we got these white things in our mouths, and they are really sharp. She doesn't seem to like that. Aunt Mary brings us some mushy stuff that is pretty tasty.

My Girl was here almost every day to see me. She was here the night we arrived. She likes the other boys, but she is clearly partial to me. She tells me she has been waiting for me for a long time, and that she has big plans for us.

I got to come live with her and the Little Humans when I was 5 weeks old. I had to learn a lot real quick. I have my own special sleeping spot, and some cool toys.

My Girl seems to like just about everything I do, except play with those things they wear. Sometimes I like to take them in my sleep spot and just roll all over them...can't help it. We go to my old house almost every day, I used to play with my brothers, but they have all moved on. I see my dad there, but he is so big...I usually play with my "Red Nose Relatives", "Aunt" Rosie and "Cousin" Malachi. Mom and Aunt Bonnie are good for a romp, too.


Bam Bam & Me

Reaper's a real nice guy, real easy going. He is brown with some white spots. He was the first one to start pulling himself around, so we think he could be a natural for weight pulling. He's loveable, has a real good stand, and looks flashy.
He's the only one that didn't cry when we got our shots.

Cyclone was real laid back until he opened his eyes, then he got an attitude. He is easy to get along with, he has a wiggle to his walk and a sparkle in his eye. Anytime is playtime for Cyclone. He's a fat black/brindle, with a short little tail. He is a ham. Such a tight, solid pup. Built like a tank, he is.

Dozer is a strong dog. Very confident. He is vocal, and somewhat opinionated. We all like Dozer. He's fawn, like me, with a lot of black on his face. He is stocky, and strong.

Bam Bam (see picture above) was always first to eat, first to finish, nap, and be back for desert before the rest of us were finished. 2nd biggest of the group, he is the most laid back of us all, happy to be off to the side watching. He's not anyone to pick on, though. He's no sissy when it comes to "sibling disputes".

Runt Boy, aka Dynamo. This little guy is tough. It was looking pretty grim for him for a little bit. We are all so big, and he is so tiny. We didn't mean to, but I guess he did get shoved out of the way pretty easily at feeding time. Some special "private" meals with Mom helped a lot, and the mushy stuff we're eating now has really turned him around. He's growing now, and very thankful for the loving way Aunt Mary took care of him. He's a special pup, for a special person.

Jet Boy is the most vocal of us all. He has quite a voice and he isn't afraid to use it. He likes to be in the middle of everything. He demands attention, and rightfully so. A solid-built blue-brindle always demands attention.

There was one brother that didn't make it. We lost him after 2 days. He was a good sized pup, just couldn't swallow right. It was a sad day.

For information, please email Uncle Mikey (he belongs to my dad) at

There's a new litter on the ground now, born March 24th, 1999.


Jet Boy, now know as Honcho, has moved on to a new home. We've heard from his new people, and they really love him.
Reaper's new home will be their first bulldog, and they couldn't have made a better choice. He seemed sad to leave, but he liked his new man.
Everybody but Runt-Boy found a new home by Easter.
Runt found a nice family to take him home to Houston.

My First Dog Show
Norman, OKlahoma

It was a long drive to get there, and we spent a lot of time in our crates. I wasn't doing anything in the show. Too Young.
My "Aunt" Rosie (she's a red-nose, a real beauty!) showed for the first time on Saturday. She didn't do so well that day, but came back with a red ribbon on Sunday. Uncle Mikey was very proud.
Dad (Baka Inu) pulled over 3000# Saturday night.

There were so many different dogs, and all kinds of smells. The best was when we would go outside and walk around. My Girl has this strap that she holds on to when we go outside, it keeps her from wandering off. Sometimes, I swear she wants to go in the completely opposite direction that I want to go in. All the dogs kept their people close to them with that strap.

Here's a picture of my Girl (in the denim jacket) and Aunt Mary (in the black leather jacket) selling some of those straps at the dog show. Uncle Mikey makes them and they are really strong.
The little girl in the picture took my brother, Runt-Boy, home with her.

My Second Show
Higginsville, Missouri

We didn't have to travel so far for this show. I didn't do anything at this show, either, but walk my Girl around once in a while.
Dad came in 2nd, and Aunt Rosie brought home a blue ribbon!

Tonka @ 5 Months

July, 1998 -- Here I am at 5 months old. I look a little skinny in this picture because I have been recuperating from Parvo. I had only had 1 shot, and caught this terrible virus! My Girl says not even a dog deserves to be that sick. I was fine one day, and the next day I was throwing up, and feeling worse and worse every minute. Aunt Mary's regular vet was out of town, so she took us to a different vet, Kling Veterinary Clinic here in town. He told my Girl I was very sick, but to go ahead and take me home and give me chicken broth and I would be fine. He gave me a pill to keep me from throwing up (knocking out one of my baby teeth in the process), but I threw the pill up, too.

I just got sicker and sicker, my Girl and I were up all that night, and by morning, I could barely stand up and then some awful stuff started coming out of my other end! My Girl called Uncle Mikey, and he rushed us to another Vet, Dr. Garry D. Miller at the Belton Veterinary Clinic. Dr. Miller is very smart, and he cared about me. He kept me there for 5 days, giving me medicine and I was so happy to see my Girl again when I was well enough to come home! It took me a while before I could wolf down my food like I was used to doing, but I am back now in full force.

Thanks, Dr. Miller, and to everyone who signed my guestbook while I was sick!

8-17-98 - I was 6 months old on Friday! My chair isn't as big as it used to be, and Uncle Mikey estimates my weight at 60 lbs. He made me a thing called a harness, and I get to go "work" a couple of times a week now. My cousin, Malachi, goes, too. I'm pulling 40 lbs. about 1/4 mile, and I am so tired when I get home! It feels good, though! I get so excited when I see my Girl get that harness out, and when Uncle Mikey pulls up in the truck I can't hardly wait to get out the door! I'm learning not to pull her when she has hold of that strap, I made her fall the other day, and felt really bad. I keep trying to "kiss her boo boo", but she won't let me...
I have my own ball that we take to the park to play with. It doesn't bounce like it used to, but I still love to chase it.
I don't try to carry those cats around anymore, they still taste good, but they got thorns or something in their feet that really hurt. May as well just leave them alone.

8-31-98 - A couple of things "officially" happened this weekend. I actually DID hike my leg by that big telephone pole up the street. And...Uncle Mikey weighed me last night, and the total poundage I heard was 66 lbs(!). Woof!